Sunday, 25 June 2017

My pets

I had a seeing eye dog when I was a kid, he was a German Shepard, we had a turtle that passed away, and then I found a kitten in the lobby and took him in, I think he's still in Slonim, Belarus with my grandpa, where I was born, then when I came to Canada, parent's and I bought a black dwarf bunny, I think I let him outside, and then a chinchilla, he passed away from an accident, and then we had a white rabbit with a black nose, I let him outside in the park, then I bought two goldfish, and they passed away, they did not stay long with me, I don't have any pets anymore, and I am not planning on adopting or buying any anymore.


Hanging out with mom

Today my mom had a day off, I can't believe it is already almost over, but we still have all night. I am planning on going to the movies after a week, and maybe swimming with my parents, when they have a couple of day's off.
I had thoughts of going swimming for a long time now this summer. I would love to go, but not alone.

Anyways, I like the cool wind this summers evening.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Listening to the radio, Happy Father's day mom! XOXO

Went to the Dollar Store today and got bubble water, making bubbles. I had a heart shaped bubble bottle when I was a kid, my parents send me as a gift. When it is too hot and too bright, we try to keep the air conditioner and the fan going, also turn off the lights.

Parents sometimes do take a break from working, well of course, they are hard workers.

So today it rained again

It's getting to be a nicer weather, when it rains the wind is a little bit cooler. I feel like I need to drink water, even at night, have something vegetarian.

Anyways Gay Pride parade is on June 25, at 2pm, I wonder who will go, it's in Toronto.
I'm drinking Ginger Ale.

Happy Father's Day dad! You are always in my thoughts.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

It's raining...

So today mom got ready for work quickly and left. My dad asked me to buy a Quickie mop, and Swiffer cloths for our Swiffer, I bought the dry Bounty ones, I didn't have enough for the wet ones, the ones I was planning on buying, but the Bounty ones are okay too. Dad drove me to Canadian Tire. I really like the stores that are large, the big chain stores. I got caught in the rain, coming home, I bought a hot dog by the way, they where selling them near Canadian Tire, in a hotdog stand.

Anyways just made a chocolate shake in my mixer, I made it with dark chocolate, water, ice, and vanilla ice cream. Enjoying it at home, feeling nice and cool, the air conditioner is on.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Really want to listen to Mercury Rev again

So my parents spend their day off with me yesterday, I spend the whole night helping out. Much love for both of them 😘 for staying together.

Anyways Degrassi was just on T.V, and I've been getting organized and tidy. At one point or another I clean the whole apartment. It needs cleaning sometimes, but it's very clean most days.
Much to do, like go for a walk, make the websites I created better etc...

I find it's easier to work on my MacBook laptop, it's a 13 inch.
When I was a kid, I loved playing Half Life and Tomb Raider and Age of Empires with my dad, he was proud of me for getting very far in the games, and for learning all the ancient empires of Age of Empires, like Persia and Assyria, Egypt and so on, you couldn't get me off it, but dad told me to get off and go play outside, at one point.

😀 🌼 💘

Your looking good as usual, Andy.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Listening to Mercury Rev The Light in You

Listening to Mercury Rev, The Light in You on YouTube, feeling great. I am going to take it easy for the night. I want to buy hot chocolate powder at the store. I just watched an episode of Family Guy and Figaro Fho on Netflix. The cherry cake my dad bought was very, very yummy. I want to cleanse my gem stones, first wash them with water, and then put them where the sun shines, and the moon by the window.
They should give you more energy, when they are cleansed. 

Parents are both home. I'm very happy they are together. They must have been celebrating their anniversary also.

My pets

I had a seeing eye dog when I was a kid, he was a German Shepard, we had a turtle that passed away, and then I found a kitten in the lobby a...